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Swap Crypto the Right Way.
Best Prices in DeFi.

Find the Best Prices in DeFi.
Swap tokens across 16+ blockchains.
Trade, monitor, or chart.
Access detailed Price Charts.
Save and quickly recall favorite tokens.
Secured by the best DEX Aggregators.
Find the Best Prices in DeFi.

Swap crypto effortlessly and secure the best prices in DeFi. MtopSwap automatically sources and ranks the best DEX aggregators, ensuring optimal on-chain and cross-chain transactions across 16+ leading EVM blockchains.

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Find unbeatable DeFi prices with MtopSwap, a premier DeFi swap aggregator, streamlining your swaps across leading EVM ecosystems.

Effortless Swapping, Intuitive Interface

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Discover optimal DeFi crypto swap prices with MtopSwap, with DEX Aggregators featured the top DeFi Swap lists

Best Price

Automatically find the best price between the best DEX Aggregators in DeFi, for 100K+ assets, powered by our MetaDEX Aggregator technology.

Fast and seamless cross-chain transactions with MtopSwap, the best DeFi swap aggregator for beginners


Seamlessly swap across 16+ EVM blockchains. From Ethereum to Binance Chain or Arbitrum to Base, our bridge aggregator, powered by our partner Li.Fi, simplifies cross-chain swaps while ensuring hassle-free bridging.

Secure your DeFi swaps with MtopSwap, the best DeFi exchange known for its robust security


As secure as using any DeFi DEX Aggregator directly, such as 1inch or Paraswap. We leverage the same contracts to ensure safety while delivering the best rates through a comprehensive comparison.

Analyze crypto market trends with MtopSwap's integrated price charts, enhancing your DeFi swap platform experience

Price Charts

Easily access detailed Price Charts for real-time trading insights and a comprehensive view of market movements. Unlike typical DeFi swap platforms, we prioritize clarity and easy access to data.

Customize your DeFi trading setup with MtopSwap Setups feature, optimizing your experience on the best DeFi dex platforms


Save and quickly recall your favorite trading Setups. Think of it as bookmarking a page – but for token pairs, making it simple to return to and trade your favorite token pairs later.

Make smarter swaps with MtopSwap's Gas Fee Estimation, factoring trade values and gas costs for better savings.

Gas Fee Estimation

Ensure cost-effective transactions with MtopSwap's real-time independent gas fee estimation. By factoring in gas fees with trade values, we provide clear net cost comparisons, guiding you to optimal swaps and savings.


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